What are the disadvantages of led street lamps

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After the analysis of various principles of led street lamps, we found that as solar street lamps, there are still some defects. Its main light source led lamps mainly have led chip quality problems, heat dissipation problems, light distribution problems, packaging problems, power drive problems, the life of electronic components and so on. Among them: led street lights

(1) once the LED street lamp is damaged, it needs to be replaced as a whole. It is difficult to maintain on site, which is not as convenient as the traditional light source.

(2) heat dissipation of the light source system of the solar street lamp system: led chips emit a large amount of heat while emitting light, and led light efficiency decreases with the rise of junction temperature. At present, the light efficiency decreases by about 5% for every 20℃ rise of junction temperature, and the life and light decay of led chips will also be greatly affected. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the light source is the key problem to be considered. Currently, the heat dissipation modes of LED street lamps mainly include: natural convection heat dissipation, mandatory heat dissipation of fan, heat pipe and loop heat pipe, etc. The system of forced heat dissipation by fan is complex and has low reliability.

(3) light distribution of LED street lamps: LED light is emitted by LED chips at several points, and there are many light sources. Therefore, a secondary light distribution system needs to be set up. There are still many ways to go for the rationality and scientific aspects of light distribution.

(4) the relationship between the configuration and the price of the solar street lamp system, because there is no perfect unified standard for the solar street lamp system at present, and each manufacturer produces its own products according to its own standards, which is not only not interchangeable with each other, but also some bad enterprises steal the concept and replace it with a good one, which hurts the interests of consumers.

(5) solar street lamps system confused life and led light source life, deceive consumers, the led chip life can reach fifty thousand hours, a little bit good life has more than hundreds of hours, but the system also includes the battery solar street lamps, solar street light controller, light pole, solar panels and other components, the service life of components is different, the key of which is battery and solar street light controller, can achieve more than three years, now better poor quality won't reach two years. This increases the cost to customers of using the system.

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