There are many differences between solar street lamps and municipal street lamps

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Recently, many friends (especially those who just came into contact with the solar street lamp industry) asked about the difference between solar street lamp and municipal street lamp, and the difference in economic benefits. Now I will show the contrast between the two, for friends from all walks of life for reference.

1. Installation comparison

When installing the solar street lamp, there is no need to set up complicated circuit, only make a cement base and make a battery pit within one meter, and fix it with galvanized bolt.

There are complicated operation procedures in the construction of municipal electric street lamps. Firstly, it is necessary to set up auxiliary cables, dig ditches and lay pipes, thread threading in pipes, backfill and other large quantities of civil construction construction, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Finally, there is debugging, which can be very costly if something goes wrong.

2. Cost comparison

Solar street lamp is a one-time investment, long-term benefit, because of the simple line, no maintenance costs, no expensive electricity costs. The cost will be recovered in 6-7 years, and more than 1 million yuan of electricity and maintenance will be saved in the next 3-4 years.

The city street lamp electricity charge is high, the circuit is complex, needs the long-term uninterrupted to carry on the overhaul to the circuit. Especially under the condition of unstable voltage, sodium lamp is easy to break is inevitable, and with the extension of the number of years, line aging, maintenance cost is increasing every year.

3. Safety comparison

The solar street lamp is 12 -- 24V low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation, there is no safety hidden danger, is an ideal product for ecological community, road administration department.

Municipal electric street lamp safety hidden dangers, people's living environment in the constant change of the situation, road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, power supply is not normal, water and gas pipeline cross-construction and other aspects bring a lot of hidden dangers.

To sum up, solar street lamp is safe, energy-saving, low consumption, green environmental protection, simple installation, intelligent automatic control, maintenance free and other features. It will bring obvious advantages directly to the sale of real estate, municipal engineering and the construction of many new economic development zones.

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