Solar street lamps - a new way of lighting street lamps

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Solar street lamp design idea is very simple, it is to use solar energy to external energy, during the day it will be solar energy stored in the battery solar street lamps, etc. It is dark or light intensity is not enough, the battery will start, to power a solar street lamps light source, solar street lights can finished lighting function.

Solar energy utilization is one of the most important issues in the 21st century, and it and wind, tidal and other energy sources are called the three green energy sources in the 21st century. The advantages of solar energy resources are strong, stable and convenient to use, but the disadvantages are also obvious: large influence by climate, relatively scattered light source, low utilization rate. Currently, solar energy has been gradually developed into very stable light absorbers, which are stable and highly absorbent coatings that can fully absorb the light energy per unit area and then convert it into other energy sources.

The development of solar street lamps to today, there is no breakthrough in technology, now the main is in the stability and absorption of the need to work hard. At present, solar street lamps can provide about 10 hours' lighting effect after a single charge of three hours, and the conversion rate is very high.

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