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At present, in the solar garden lamp sales market, according to its different design concept, roughly divided into three types: European garden lamp, modern garden lamp, classical garden lamp.

Among them, the design inspiration of European garden lamp mainly relies on the classical culture of western countries, and the products designed are mostly influenced by ancient Greece and Rome, emitting a strong classical atmosphere. The design concept of modern courtyards is mostly from the field of fashion, and the elements adopted are large to highlight a strong sense of The Times. Finally, we come to know those classical courtyard lights, most of the design is Chinese classical elements, the lantern above the design of traditional Chinese knot, the main color is black, in harmony, and do not lose solemn. Lamp holder, and designed the layout of ancient Chinese poetry, creating a riverside chanting, changting independent aesthetic picture, modern people are all envious of this.

How to clean solar garden lights:

Solar courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture widely used. Because the existence of solar energy courtyard lamp provides convenience for people's outdoor life, and the maintenance of solar energy courtyard lamp is to better extend the life of the courtyard lamp, play its lighting advantage. Our spectrum of solar street lamp manufacturers on how to talk about the maintenance of solar garden lights, I hope that the garden responsible departments can strengthen the maintenance of the garden lights.

1, the solar energy courtyard lamp clean, because the courtyard lamp is often exposed in the outdoor, experience wind and rain weather, so the general courtyard lamp lamp will have more dust, regularly wipe dust with a wet cloth, can keep the lamp pole clean as new. When wiping, wipe in one direction, with moderate force and gentle movements on fragile parts.

2, the interior cleaning of lighting, in some cases, we will clean the bulb. At this moment, should ensure to want to put out courtyard lamp above all, take off bulb to do wipe again, such meeting is safer. If you want to wipe directly, please be careful not to tighten the bulb too clockwise, otherwise it will peel off because of too tight.

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